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Understanding Your Local Real Estate Market

Understanding Your Local Real Estate Market
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Experts always say that real estate is a great investment because the value of homes is always going up. To some extent, there”s truth in that. But it”s also a fact that the real estate market fluctuates. Many people mistakenly rely on national trends when evaluating the real estate market, however, this could at times be misleading. The key is to focus on and understand your local market. Focusing on your local real estate market is the key to evaluating real estate deals. This however could be difficult to evaluate since there is often less information on particular areas versus the national situation. To understand your real estate market, here are a few factors to focus on:

toronto downtownUnderstand the market trend. Sometimes it”s a buyer”s market and sometimes it”s a seller”s market. And there are actually other times when the real estate market is in transition. A transitional real estate market poses certain issues for people who are buying and selling homes and you should be aware of them. This is especially true for anyone involved in real estate right now because the real estate market in many areas is either in transition or could be in transition shortly.

Supply and demand. Real estate is governed by the law of supply and demand. This rule is absolute and without exception. The appreciation of a market, the expectations of buyers and sellers, and the velocity of market sales are all dictated by the supply of, and the demand for, real estate for sale.

New construction is another area to consider when evaluating your market. In this case, we are focusing on supply and demand. The more homes available to buyers, the harder it will be for sellers to move properties. Most communities have some new construction, but the key is to determine if it is outpacing the demand.

Increased job growth and in-migration. Where there is strong growth, there are new workers. New workers need some place to live. A vast percentage of these people will be moving in from other areas and often are bringing money from a previous home. If job growth is strong, your real estate market should be stable and showing appreciation.

home inspectionReal estate doppler effect. Real estate is governed by the law of cause and effect. Positive situations cause positive outcomes, and vice versa. For example, a vibrant economic growth leads to a vibrant real estate market and strong appreciation of homes, while loss of jobs and a languishing economy produce exactly the opposite effect.

The conditions that make a good market can change literally overnight. All it takes is the entrance of a major employer or a little word of mouth and buyers looking for a bargain and seeing others take a chance, and before you know it, a neighbourhood has turned around. Homes that sat unsold are selling for high prices. Young people are moving in, making improvements, and making the area cool to live in.

A secret to evaluating your local real estate market is to look at people around you. One sign of a hot real estate market is the number of people who suddenly become real estate investors. These tend to be people using the equity in their primary home to make secondary purchases. There is no statistical analysis for this factor. Just keep an ear out for friends or neighbours who are suddenly investing in multiple properties.

Understanding the real estate market requires various skills such as knowledge of land price, an insight for land in the future, the risk factors for a property, laws that apply for property, etc. Moreover, the real estate market has changed tremendously over the year. It takes much time and effort for an individual to understand it completely. The real estate market is an adventurous place to get in to, with the prices of property increasing as the time passes.

If you, your relatives or friends are thinking of buying or selling a property, making a move, or just curious about the real estate trend in your area, please feel free to contact me any time. It is our pleasure to help you.

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