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Selling Your Home? Appeal to the Homebuyer’s Senses

Selling Your Home? Appeal to the Homebuyer’s Senses
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Every seller wants his or her home to sell fast and bring top dollar. It”s not luck that makes that happen. It”s careful planning and knowing how to professionally spruce up your home that will send home buyers scurrying for their cheque books.

Your home will be judged not only on its outward appearance, but also on the feelings it evokes in those who view your property. Follow these simple tips to prepare your house and turn it into an irresistible home.

Use light to showcase your home. Open draperies in the daytime and turn on lights (day and night) to accentuate a cheerful atmosphere. If you have a fireplace, burn a Duraflame log. De-clutter and remove any personal photographs and any potentially offensive posters or religious signs.

Consider playing soft background music while people tour your home. If there is exterior noise, such as traffic or nearby construction, work with your sales agent to schedule showings around noisy times of day.

Make sure your home is sparkling clean. Grind a fresh lemon in a garbage disposal or boil cinnamon sticks to add a clean, fresh scent. Candles and flowers look nice and smell pleasant as well. Lingering scents of strong-smelling foods, smoke or pets should be aired out prior to showing your home.

Realtors and home stagers say that one of the most appealing smells to people is fresh baked cookies. Bake a small batch of cookies before every showing (or at least on the weekends when there will be multiple showings). This not only adds a pleasant scent to the home, but also adds to the hospitable home atmosphere. Potential homebuyers may also appreciate a cookie or lemonade.

Add a human touch 
Your home should appear livable. Update the look by making simple changes like rearranging furniture and accessories, painting, and adding stylish and practical pieces.

Buyers who come with agents are more at ease when the owner”s not around, so it is best if you take your children and pets on a short walk during the showing. To ensure your safety, remember to remove keys, jewelry and other valuables from your home during showings.
The key to getting your house sold is to make it stand out from the comparable real estate properties around you. This process is best done by making an emotional lure with a lot of bait. That bait comes in the form of unique characteristics of livability. Use plenty of hooks, and people looking to purchase a home will swarm to your bait and take it.

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