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Pricing Your Home To Sell Fast In a Buyer’s Market

It’s tough being the seller in a buyer”s market. However, you can improve your odds with the right research. In many cases, making a smart deal and getting the best price comes down to studying your market and being an educated seller. It doesn’t really matter how much money you think your home is …

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Preparing for your Open House

First impressions count when selling your home – especially during an open house. Your REALTOR® will help you prepare for your open house by suggesting many ways you can present your home in its best light and increase its saleability. An open house is just one aspect of an effective marketing plan your REALTOR® …

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Today’s Most Desirable Home Features

Today’s desirable home features depend greatly on the type of buyer.  Buyers can be divided into two main groups. The first group are first-time buyers which is pretty self-explanatory. The second group are the move up buyers, which are looking to move into a home that addresses the shortcomings of their existing home. They …

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Protecting Your Privacy While Your Home is on the Market

Selling your home may be difficult, considering that you must open your doors to potential buyers. Your privacy and security may become an issue when showing your home to buyers, so it is important to consider all your options before you welcome someone into your home. For many individuals, it is very important for …

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10 Budget-Friendly Improvement Tips to Increase Your Home’s Market Value

enovating your home will increase its value and make it a nicer place for you to live. But many people don”t have the money to spend on expensive housing upgrades. Here is a few budget-friendly projects to add beauty, value and selling appeal to your home. 1.Give your kitchen a facelift The kitchen is …

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15 Low Cost Tips To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal to Prospective Buyers

main goal when selling your home, is to sell it quickly at the highest price while investing as little as possible in renovations. With a limited budget and a little effort, you can greatly increase your home”s appeal by focusing on what prospective buyers can see on the first visit. “If they don”t like …

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Staging Your Home For a Faster Sale

When selling your home it is important to take advantage of every trick in the book to get your home sold as fast as possible and for top dollar. One of these tricks is called Home Staging. Home Staging is a proven system for preparing properties for sale. It helps to make your house …

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Selling Your Home? Appeal to the Homebuyer’s Senses

Every seller wants his or her home to sell fast and bring top dollar. It”s not luck that makes that happen. It”s careful planning and knowing how to professionally spruce up your home that will send home buyers scurrying for their cheque books. Your home will be judged not only on its outward appearance, …

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10 Tips for Preparing a Smooth Home Inspection

1. Clean the House This sounds so simple yet home owners often overlook this tactic. Home inspectors are people first and inspectors second. As people, they carry preconceived ideas of how well a home has been maintained. Clean homes say you care and take care of the house. 2. Be On Time Because the …

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Understanding Your Local Real Estate Market

Experts always say that real estate is a great investment because the value of homes is always going up. To some extent, there”s truth in that. But it”s also a fact that the real estate market fluctuates. Many people mistakenly rely on national trends when evaluating the real estate market, however, this could at …

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