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10 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Do-It-Yourself Project

 of how easy a home improvement project may appear, there are usually snags along the way. Ask people who have completed do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and they will tell you that the project took at least twice as much time and three times the money they thought they would spend. The basic reason is that …

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Say it with colour: Adding appeal and value to your home

Even on the dullest winter day, colour fills our lives. Look around and you”ll see a thousand shades of greens and browns, violets, greys, golds and blues. Colour is also part of our language. Few of us will dispute that it affects our moods and how we feel — red with anger, green with envy, yellow with …

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Get a head start on spring cleaning

As spring rounds the corner, many of us prepare for that annual ritual called spring cleaning. It may not be something you look forward to with excitement, but the sense of renewal that comes from cleaning up after a long winter is worth the effort. For most of us, however, it”s determining where to start …

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Make a big splash this summer

A backyard swimming pool can be a joy to own – especially on those really hot and humid days. By keeping to a consistent maintenance schedule and following strict safety guidelines, your pool will provide hours of enjoyment cool relief from summer”s heat. To keep your pool at its best and your family safe this …

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10 Budget-Friendly Improvement Tips to Increase Your Home’s Market Value

enovating your home will increase its value and make it a nicer place for you to live. But many people don”t have the money to spend on expensive housing upgrades. Here is a few budget-friendly projects to add beauty, value and selling appeal to your home. 1.Give your kitchen a facelift The kitchen is …

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Basement Waterproofing Technologies

asement leakage is the most common problem found in houses, and over 90% of all basements will leak and suffer damage at one time or another. Some evidence of moisture penetration can be found in almost every house. A house with water problems does not necessarily mean it was poorly constructed. Water can appear …

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What’s new in roofing materials

We’ve come a long way from the thatched roofs that many of our ancestors used to cover the shelters they called home. Traditional and new roofing materials are better than ever and available in many varieties and price ranges. Regardless of the material used, a new roof will add curb appeal to a home …

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Using paint to enhance your home

One of the easiest, most cost-efficient ways of enhancing your home is with paint. With the advances made in paint over the past decade, there”s not much you can”t do with it indoors and outdoors. Gone are the days of the all-purpose can of paint. Today, there are paints available for specific materials and …

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Fall & Winter Home Maintenance Check Lists & Tips

As the winter season approaches and the air become crisp, it”s time to start thinking about preparing your house for the season. The winter season means spending more time indoors, hence roofs need to shed rain and snow, windows and doors need to reject the cold, and the heating system needs to keep rooms …

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