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Renting vs. Buying, Which Option is Better for You?

Buying a house can be the most rewarding purchase you ever make. However depending on your current circumstance this may not be your best option.  To help make an educated decision, try to answer the following questions first: 1. Do you really want to own your home? Some would argue that this is the …

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How to Buy Recreational Property as an Investment

Despite the economic downturn, many Canadians are still dreaming of owning a recreational property, both as a long-term investment and to enjoy with family and friends. Canadians are willing to make sacrifices to own a cottage, and more want to use their cottage, cabin or chalet year-round as a recreational property and, for some, …

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Condominium or House: Which is Right for You?

For some people, a condominium lifestyle is the only way to live—no lawn maintenance, a pool and tennis court, and extra security features you might not have in a single-family home. Other people simply can’t breathe in a condo because the neighbours are too close for comfort. Consider the pros and cons and your …

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Buying an Old House! A Money Pit or Gold Mine?

It’s like a love affair, some old houses make your heart skip a beat! It is hard not to fall in love with the historic unique architecture, gabled roofs, hardwood floors, crown moldings, and antique light fixture – old houses definitely have their charm. The plastered walls, leaded glass windows, original chandeliers, and oak …

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Toronto Land Transfer Tax

About Toronto Land Transfer Tax On October 23, 2007, Toronto City Council has approved a municipal land transfer tax that will be levied on top of the provincial land transfer tax, which take effects on February 1, 2008. This approves a second land transfer tax, on top of the current provincial land transfer tax, …

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Understanding Closing Costs

Closing costs — the list of charges that you need to pay to complete a real estate transaction — come as a surprise for many home buyers. Since closing costs are additional costs over and above the price of a home, you should budget at least 2.5% of the purchase price for closing costs, …

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Buying a Condo Apartment – What is a Status Certificate and why is it important?

A Status Certificate is a short report on the current status of a condominium corporation. If you are buying a resale condominium, it is important that your agreement of purchase and sale is conditional, upon review of the Status Certificate by your lawyer. The Status Certificate provides valuable information directly from the condominium corporation, …

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How to Conquer Your Fear and Overcome Homeownership Hurdles

are many benefits of home-ownership. It creates a level of stability in a person’s life and provides a safe environment for children to grow and learn. A home can also have several financial benefits, creating borrowing power for the homeowner and the opportunity to build wealth that can be passed on to children and …

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How To Buy a Home In an Up-and-Coming Neighbourhood

Walking through the looming Victorian houses in Toronto’s coveted Annex neighbourhood or the heritage homes that punctuate Vancouver’s Shaughnessy quarter is sure to inspire a sense of jealousy. While now well-established (and well-heeled) urban areas, there was once a time when residents acquired their homes for a song – or may have inherited their house …

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Understanding Your Local Real Estate Market

Experts always say that real estate is a great investment because the value of homes is always going up. To some extent, there”s truth in that. But it”s also a fact that the real estate market fluctuates. Many people mistakenly rely on national trends when evaluating the real estate market, however, this could at …

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